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C.O.P.S. has recently received another prestigious "Talk of the Town" award for excellence in customer satisfaction. This is the 3rd year running in which C.O.P.S. has received this award. We are very proud of our reputation in the industry and the service we provide. We try to not only meet our clients' expectations, but also to exceed them.


We are shooting for another great year and truly enjoy our interactions and relationships we gain with our clients.






C.O.P.S. is now constructing "grottos" wherein we transform basement patio or storage areas into beautiful and tranquil environments for hot tubs and other entertainment and recreational activities. We can transform plain concrete walls into beautiful rock faces and concrete floor into works of art using tile or concrete overlay products.


Add value, design, and functionality to these outdoor spaces and catch the wave of new ideas in outdoor living.






Enhanced landscaping improves property value, and water features make your property stand out from the rest. A pondless waterfall in the front yard provides curb appeal, while a backyard Ecosystem Pond increases a home’s value much like a deck, patio, or gazebo. The sound of a water feature will drown out noise from traffic or neighbors. In addition, water features provide an interesting backdrop for entertaining while adding aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Waterfront property is a prized commodity and you can easily incorporate water into your outdoor living space without having to move near a lake or ocean.






Most people landscape their homes for their own enjoyment. You probably want your home to have attractive front yard landscaping for both yourself and visitors. The backyard is the area which normally gets used more, and therefore designing it for both beauty and function is desirable. Another reason for landscaping your home is an appreciation for plants which can provide all season color and interest.


However, some are concerned as to the relationship between the amount of money they spend on landscaping and their home's value? What will it mean if you want to sell your home? Will you actually recoup the money you have spent on landscaping your property?


In recent years, there have been quite a few studies done on just this subject. Here are some findings.


Money Magazine determined that landscaping offers an excellent return on investment. Actually it ranks top out of any home improvements. In addition, there was a study done by the American Society of Landscape Architects in conjunction with Money Magazine. A recovery value of 100% to 200% of landscaping costs can be gained when you sell you home.


Clemson University stated that homes with excellent landscaping will sell for 6 to 7% more than comparable homes with just good landscaping. Research by Michigan State University found something similar, but gives good landscaping even more value. They state that the perceived value of a home which is landscaped nicely is improved by 12%.


The Society of Real Estate Appraisers also feels a landscaped home adds value, 99% agreeing that it actually causes these homes to sell more quickly.


And what about trees? A study done by the U.S. Forest Service found that just trees alone can add 3 to 7% to the value of a home.


If you put all of this information together, it is easy to see that adding nice landscaping can definitely provide a positive financial impact on your home's value.

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1. Cultured Stone can be used for indoor applications as well, and its light weight makes indoor applications quick and easy. Fireplace facelifts look great!


2. Cultured Stone project costs (materials and labor) can be about half of natural stone.


3. Cultured Stone can go over anything, and also create realistic 90 degree corners.


4. Cultured Stone is not load bearing, so no headers, sills, lolly columns or structural support is needed. It’s also maintenance-free!






C.O.P.S. offers Christmas lights installation every Holiday season starting in October.  Discounts  are offered for early birds and we have special rates for Seniors as well.  C.O.P.S. donates partial proceeds from every Christmas lights installation to the local food bank, as we want to do our part at this special time of year.


Next time you see flashing lights in your neighbourhood during the Holidays, it's likely  C.O.P.S. !